Creative Thinking

We all have some level of creativity within us. As with other activities, you can teach yourself to be more creative. Sometimes creative thinking requires us to look at things from new perspectives. Learn to unleash your inventive genius by thinking backwards. Here is an appropriate acronym containing five steps to creative thinking: 
S A E D I — that’s IDEAS backwards!

S – State of Mind
Creativity is a state of mind. Telling yourself or others “I’m not very creative,” or “I can never come up with new or clever ideas,” destroys that state of mind.

A – Atmosphere
All of our senses — what we see, hear, feel, taste, and touch — influence our state of mind. A positive atmosphere contributes to a positive and creative state of mind.

E – Effective Thinking
While positive thinking allows your mind to accept new ideas and creative thoughts, effective thinking involves directing your thoughts toward specific goals.

D – Determination
Creativity takes practice. Your creativity is there within you, but you must make a habit of using your imagination.

I – Ink
Whether you use ink, pencil lead, crayon, or a computer, write down your ideas.